Robert Shaw - Contemporary Irish Artist


An exhibition of my studio and plein air paintings.

The works here are just some of over 1200 catalogued paintings
from my 16 year life as an artist.

Thank you for visiting.
- Robert Shaw

If there is a particular piece that connects with you and it has been sold,
you might consider commissioning a painting.

Recent News & Events


From the Parish Hall to Outer Space in the same week...

Robert Shaw

NASA just launched a 7yr mission to an asteroid. A jpeg image of my 'Beacon series' paintings was selected to travel onboard the Osiris -Rex.

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Robert Shaw Painting at Malahide

Robert Shaw

At Large - I just love painting outdoors. The 'water-cooler' moments in studio can be different when you are a person who works alone.

-'At Large in Malahide' VIDEO

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Beacon Paintings origins

Robert Shaw

Beacon Series - Origin

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Recent Paintings

Autumn Returns

Autumn Returns  Autumn Returns

Shore-bog Series

Oil on panel

50cm x 60cm

Autumn Ancients

Autumn Ancients  Autumn Ancients

Ascension Series

Oil on panel

55cm x 46cm

Autumn shoreminders

Autumn shoreminders  Autumn shoreminders

Shore Painting

Oil on panel

35cm x 45cm

Harvest Moon at High Rock

Harvest Moon at High Rock  Harvest Moon at High Rock

Private Commission

Oil on panel

50cm x 60cm



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